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EUPPA Conference 2015


EU Potato Processors taking responsibility for impact on society

Sustainable potato products have their place in a balanced diet, in feeding the world and improving the lives of under privileged and vulnerable farming families. Those were the key messages from the European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA) conference of 13 May 2015 in Brussels. Under the title ‘Taking responsibility for impact on society’, the event brought together representatives from major processing companies and their stakeholders from across the EU to discuss the sectorial approach to Corporate Social

EUPPA represents the most important European potato processing countries. Membership includes 6 national associations and directly 13 companies, accounting for more than 90 % of the market (based on volume of potatoes used for food processing in 2013, source World Potato Markets). In 2012/13 potato processing generated almost 6 billion Euros in business, employing over 20.000 people.

Most (more than 90%) potatoes used for processing in Europe are grown in the North-West corner of Europe. This area is in fact one main production area for potatoes grown for processing, e.g.